• A Wish •

I have a wish.
A wish too dreamy,
A wish too illusory.

Amidst the mountains of hope, I wish to fly,
Across the oceans of passion, I wish to swim.
Amongst the forests of happiness, I wish to stroll,
And upon a bed of love, I wish to live.

I have a wish.
A wish too dreamy,
A wish too illusory.

In a world that has evolved perpetually,
I wish to see,
Love win over hate,
Truth overpowering lies,
Peace prevailing over war,
And joy shadowing away sorrow.

I have a wish.
A wish too dreamy,
A wish too illusory.

I wish for a world,
Where we only celebrate differences,
And don’t fight over it.
A world where,
We’re all one,
Man and Woman,
White and Black,
Rich and Poor,
Big and Little,
Tall and Short,
and beauty.

I have a wish.
A wish too dreamy,
A wish too illusory.

I wish for all the people in the world,
To quieten their judgmental minds away,
To forget all the disparities,
And together make this world a better place to live.
Prompt : • A Wish • by @ttt_official
Words : @priyapraburam
Picture : Pinterest

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• Hot Chocolate •

We were on the train,
And I don’t think I’ll ever forget the light in her eyes.

She was 11, a kid,
Grace, her name.
Curious about everything around.
I have a disease, she announced to me.
Aggressive Nk- Cell leukemia.
I took a moment to process that.

She was chatty.
She talked about how she loved the sound of the train and the wind hitting against the windows.
She asked me if clouds had tear glands,
And if unicorns were born from rainbows.

She told me she craved for hot chocolate, often.
And asked me if it was a side effect of being present in a time rift.
I laughed.
I assured her that we didn’t have to worry about a Boglodite attack.
Through the journey, we talked.
About life.
About death too.
She told me she wasn’t scared to die.
A young warrior.
She told me she’d become a star in the Galaxy.

Now, after 3 years,
I’m sitting under the starry night,
Slurping hot chocolate.
I just saw a star twinkle real bright.
Is that you, Grace?
Prompt : • Hot Chocolate • by @ttt_official
Words : @priyapraburam
Picture : Shutterstock

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• Cést la vie •

I hold within my hand,
Grains of memories of sand.
I can see them creep through my fingers,
The moments,
The days,
The months,
And the years.

I hold within my heart,
The bud of hope,
Waiting to flower with unconditional love.
I can see my dreams take wings,
Pushing away the fear,
The doubt,
The anxiety.

This life is but a kaleidoscope of emotions,
A charm of mystic thoughts.
Let the heart beat with passion,
And let destiny work it’s spell.
Take a deep breath and feel blessed,
Cést la vie (That’s life)
Che sara, sara. (What will be, will be)
Prompt : • Use a phrase/word from another language in your poem • by @ttt_official
Words : @priyapraburam
Picture : Bindi Irwin

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• Begin and end your poem with the same line •

Love is but a glimmer of hope,
A ray of magic.

And in all the days to come,
We’ll wander as clouds,
Showering rains of elation.
We’ll sparkle as stars,
Shining a stardust of joy.
And even when there’s chaos,
We’ll rise together,
Spreading waves of kindness.
We’ll dance our way through this one life,
And gracefully make merry memories.
We’ll find purpose,
We’ll discover destiny,
We’ll love,
We’ll love endlessly and beyond.

Love is but a glimmer of hope,
A ray of magic.
Prompt : • Begin & end your poem with the same line • by @ttt_official
Words : @priyapraburam
Picture : Claudia Tice

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• A Poem about a city •

There’s a city,
That gobbles my heart in whole.
There’s a city,
That captures my eye in a stir!
In an aroma of dreams,
You will melt,
In the scent of love,
You will faint.
In the night,
When the moon shines bright,
In this city of lights,
You will feel your soul setting things right.
In the loveliness of spring,
The streets will come to life,
The gardens will burst with vivid color.
In a picnic of emotions,
You will stroll,
Brewing smiles like coffee.
Under the Le Louvre,
Inside the Shakespearean book store,
Outside the art galleries,
Or anywhere in this city,
You’ll find a piece of yourself.
You’ll lose some, too.
But hey,
It’s worth it.
Paris isn’t just a city.
It’s the kiss of love.
It’s a paradise of a never-ending poem.
Prompt : • A poem about a city • by @ttt_official
Words : @priyapraburam
Picture : Movie – “Midnight in Paris”

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• Strangers in the night •

The sky was dark,
An island of lonely.
You sat across me,
And smiled.
Through channels of fear,
I let my thoughts wander,
Into gaping holes of anxiety.

After an awkward silence, you talked,
About things that this life is made of.
Of ice popsicles,
And pop singers with weird hair.
Of mirrors that break,
And walls that crack.
Of Truth,
And of lies,
Of petrichor,
And of stardust.
Of dreams,
And of reality,
Of theatre,
And of operas.
Of photographs,
And of memories.
We bled words,
And created poems with our souls.

And then I knew,
We wouldn’t ever be strangers in the night.
All you took to open the heart of my treasures were words!

In a melancholy of dreams,
We will fly,
In a whirlwind of love,
We will survive.
Not as strangers,
Not as you,
Not as me,
As us.
Prompt : • Strangers in the Night • by @ttt_official
Words : @priyapraburam
Picture : Movie – “The Choice”
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• Things left behind •

I’ve been trying for so long now,
To escape from cages of
Things left behind,
Words left unsaid,
Feelings left unexpressed.

In a tangled mess of contradictory thoughts,
I hang.
Along the margin of the bay,
I stand.
And while the waves kiss the shore,
I realize,
This life is but a mysterious miracle.
And so I dare to hope,
For marvels to unwind,
At times we least expect it.

Bring with you a heart,
Anchor it to hope,
Above, below and all around,
Let our minds drink at every pore,
The spirit of love!
Prompt : • Things left behind • by @ttt_official
Words : @priyapraburam
Picture : Pinterest

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